How to Keep Your Music Safe

Are you one of those music lovers who have been collecting vinyl records of the Beatles and The Rolling Stones since you were a teenager? Or are you a millennial who likes to store your favorite tunes on your tablet or desktop computer? Either way, you will have to realize the importance of keeping your music files safe, whether you have vinyl records and CDs or mp3 files in your collection.


Here are some tips that you must follow to keep your music files safe:

  1. Back Up Your Hard Drive

You don’t want your mp3 collection of Justin Timberlake or Jay-Z music wiped away for good, do you?  Hence you should understand that there’s always the possibility that your hard drive will get corrupted. This only underlines the need for you to back everything up on an external hard drive.  And keep that extra hard drive away from your main computer.

  1. Save Your CDs

Don’t toss your CD collection, no matter how ancient these may seem to you.  Experts say that CDs can last for 30 to 40 years. This means you can even pass them to your children and great grandchildren, if CD players are still around by that time.

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  1. Back-Up Your Music Through Cloud Storage

Avail of a remote online cloud system to back up your favorite music. There are services that can give you unlimited storage for less than 5 bucks a month.

  1. Keep Vinyl in a Sleeve

Vinyl records should be stored in a sleeve. If you can’t find the original sleeve, then  buy one where you can put the vinyl in. Failing to store the vinyl in a sleeve can increase the possibility of scratches ruining the record. And always store the records vertically.

  1. Store It In A Safe

Yes, keeping your vinyl records and CDs in a safe is a sure-fire way that your precious music collection won’t be stolen by anyone, including intruders. You can get the services of a top 24 hour locksmith in Toronto to install a safe or security system to ward off potential intruders.