How Your Interior Design Affects Your Creativity and Musical Skills

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 For some people, interior design is all about what is aesthetically pleasing. Many homeowners put a lot of premium on it because interior design makes their homes more relaxing and inviting.

The choice of colors, textures, materials, furniture, wall paper, flooring, lighting and other materials can affect the way a person feels about a place.  Choosing the right colors, in fact, can have an effect on your creativity and musical skills.  For example, Miles from Greater Toronto Painters often paints clients houses in a manner that prioritizes the emotional mood they want to convey in that room.   For one client in the high end residential neighborhood of Lawrence Park, they did a mansion where they had to design an office room in blue, because the owner wanted a nautical “scholar” feel.

Which colors can affect your creativity and musicality? Here’s a look at some of the colors you’d want to have in your room or house:


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Blue is one color you may want to have in your room because it can boost your ability to think creatively.  This is according to experts from the University of British Columbia who revealed the findings of their study in 2009 that looked into how colors affect brain performance. The research was conducted between 2007 and 2008, tracking more than 600 participants and their performance on six cognitive tasks requiring detail orientation and creativity.

They found that blue environmental cues caused participants to make twice as many creative inputs for creative tasks like brainstorming.  UBC professor Juliet Zhu, who authored the study, said blue encourages people to think outside the box.  She added that it may have been due to blue being associated with sky, ocean and water, all of which suggest peace and tranquility.

This may also be the reason why blue is often used in bedrooms, as it can help people sleep more soundly.


Another color that you may want to see if you’re a musician or a creative person is green.

According to researchers from the University of Munich,  green is associated with growth and development. As such, people who are exposed to the color are more motivated to improve their skills and.

Their findings were based on a study involving 65 participants who were asked to complete a creativity test online. They found that those who saw green screens scored 20 percent higher on creativity tests compared to those who saw other colors like red, gray, blue, and white.

green home


Yellow can make most people happy because it represents sunshine and spring. It can also raise your ego and spirits, making you more optimistic and cheerful. Yellow can also spark energy and passion, which would augur well for the musician in you.